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Welcome to GHOST SONGS: Music From Beyond The Grave...

A significant portion of the GHOST SONGS Intellectual Property, particularly our original audio content, has been released to an independent production company for use in an upcoming project. We expect to post new audio tracks here in the future for our friends in the home haunting community. Stay tuned... Any audio content you may discover on this website is provided for your personal use and enjoyment, free of charge. Mwaaahaaahaaaaa!!!

 Haunting Music Resources:

 Spooky Inspiration:

  • EFX-TEK - Prop automation controllers.
  • Halloween-L - Discuss Halloween ideas with some wonderfully creative home & pro haunters!
  • Howl2000 - A friendly & social Halloween chat list.
  • Garage of Evil - A social network where haunters can learn, build, and share.
  • Hauntcast - Radio for haunters and Halloween fanatics.
  • Hallowed Haunting Grounds - For 32 years this was possibly the best home haunt in the world! A Southern California tradition that will truly be missed...

If you wish to contact me, you may do so through my profile page on the Garage of Evil.


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